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By | October 12, 2016


1- You will need a rooted Android device
2- A file explorer with root access (I use Amaze in this tutorial)
3- For the gold hack, you need a way to earn gold four or five times, you can be low level or get them in the shop through the seller. You need to be able to earn at least 1 gold each times
4- Prefer a new savegame, you’ll understand why
5- A bit of patience

Well, in the CivCrafter “/files/” folder, there’s a file named “faults”, in this file are ALL the numbers related to the in-game numbers (like gold, wood, soldiers, everything !). But when I tried to modify the values from 58 gold to 900, my savegame got deleted
So, I searched during one or two weeks a way to bypass the anti-cheat. GameHacker and others didn’t work, even with Fuzzy Search.
Then finally I found it, the way the anti-cheat worked : The 1.10^Y.
If you don’t know what this means, I’ll will explain it with easy words : when you have 10 golds, you can’t get up to 100, the game will detect it because you added a digit (from 2 to 3 digit, easy huh ?).
The way (which is pretty easy) to bypass it, is simply to grow your number to the maximum possible with the digits of golds you have.
Let’s say you have 6 golds, you will have to grow the number to ?…. 9, because if you set a number between 10 and +∞, the game will detect that you added one or more digits to your number of golds. But when you have 9 golds, what can you do after that ? I insist, set the number of golds to the maximum the digit allows.

I will be honest, it’s pretty annoying to find the numbers you’re looking for, you need to navigate to this folder : “Root/data/data/com.naquatic.civclicker/files” In this folder you’ll see a faults.def file and maybe a faults2.def.

1-Launch CivCrafter but let the file explorer in background

2-Locate the value you’re looking for (Number of gold you have ? Wood ? Number of houses ? Anything)

3-Close CivCrafter and go back in Amaze or whatever file explorer you’re using and open the “faults.def” file

4-Annoying time : you have to search the specific number you’re looking for in aaaall that mess, I know, it’s annoying, but don’t worry it’s not that hard

5-When you find your gold/wood/… modify it as I explained to you in the text above. (Quick tip : if you are trying to modify wood/rocks/… prefer removing the workers on them before you do anything if you want an accurate value, not to destroy your save)

6-When you modified something like your gold from “x” to the max allowed by the digits, save the .def file

7-Now you have what you want, but don’t use it if you want to upgrade it again by cheating ! Especially golds because they’re hard to find. The reason why I told you to prefer a new save, is because when you go from a level x to a level y, you need one gold or more, and it’s fairly easy in low levels to level up. For example if you cheated and have 99 golds, levelup and you’ll be at 99+1 which is … 100… and guess what, you have 3 digits ! Which means you can grow your number to the maximum allowed for the digits you have, in this example you can grow your 100 of golds to 999, level up and you’ll be able to go up to 9999, do it as you want !

TIPS : For the gold, you can either use the towers, the level up, the wonder, and more, but the easiest way is to use the levelup on low levels. And you might not be able to modify skulls or trophies, I wouldn’t try it because it didn’t work for me but I may have done a mistake

I tried on 3 accounts on 3 different devices and still not banned, I’ve done a lot of wonders and still nothing, I’m not even sure if they have a ban system ^^ good luck bois and have fun !

That’s it for the (long) tutorial, hope you enjoyed, have a nice day and goodbye o/

Created by: SaucissonLord

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