Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense 100% Work and Free

By | August 8, 2016

Now I want share hack for Titans Facebook game for free, absolutely free. Name of this hack is Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense 100% Work and Free. Contain hack in the Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense not only disable enemy defense hack, but there is also have disable enemy unit hack and 1 hit kill hack. So, if you use this hack then you will win all battle easily in the Titans Facebook Game.

Below is a complete list hack contained in the Titans Hack Cheat Engine trainer:

  • Disable Enemy Defense System: Defense systems like  Turrets, Tesla Traps and etc., are disabled.
  • Disable Enemy Units: While doing the missions , the enemies units are disabled. The enemy units in PvP are also Disabled. They won’t move / shoot.
  • 1 Hit Kill hack.

Titans Facebook Game Link:

Tools Required For Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense 100% Work and Free:

    • Cheat Engine, use cheat engine version 6.4 because this hack was created on Cheat Engine 6.4. Click button below to download:Download Cheat Engine 6.4


    • AobswapPlugin, must have. How to use it? Download AobswapPlugin, extract it, copy extract result into autorun folder. How to find autorun folder in the Cheat Engine? go to Local Disc (C) -> Program File -> Cheat Engine 6.4 -> autorun. Download AobswapPlugin:Download AobswapPlugin



Tutorial How To Use Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense 100% Work and Free:

  1. Play Titans Facebook game.
  2. Open Titans hack.
  3. Select browser in accordance with the browser you are using, example: Firefox select PluginContainer.exe and for Google Chrome select Chrome.exe.
  4. Now reload Titans game.
  5. Back to the hack and enable all hack when the page is loaded.
  6. Done.

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