How to Quickly Earn Credits in Tom Clancy’s The Division Games

By | March 15, 2016

In every game there must be a virtual currency, as well as Tom Clancy’s The Division Games. Virtual currency in the Tom Clancy’s The Division Games is credit. Frequently asked questions in Tom Clancy’s The Division Games is how to get credit easily and quickly?

As with any MMO games, in Tom Clancy’s The Division the currency is extremely important, and, as you’ve probably already guessed, gaining it will require a lot of hard work, and even then you won’t have enough of it.


How to quickly earn credits in the Tom Clancy’s The Division Games?

This article will provide guidance on how to get credit easily and quickly in the Tom Clancy’s The Division Games. Here are some guidelines on How to quickly earn credits in the Tom Clancy’s The Division Games:

Completing missions

The main source of Credit income are missions. Whether it is a main, story-related mission, or one of the many side activities, each one of them will reward you with a certain amount of money for their completion. Additionally, main missions can be repeated multiple times, and even though they won’t give you the previous experience points, they will still offer a hefty sum of Credits (coupled with useful items).

Side missions differ slightly from the main ones, as they cannot be repeated. However, their sheer numbers make up for that. Remember, that completing side missions and encounters associated with a given wing of your base, you will be given precious wing-related supplies, allowing you to further upgrade your base (and gain addition abilities, talents and perks).

Acquiring and selling equipment

Acquiring and selling equipment to a vendor is an equally important (and for some probably the main one) source of income in the game. This way you can earl many times more Credits than with regular missions, not to mention that most of the stuff you stumble upon will be useless to you and can be sold without giving it a second thought.

Keep in mind, that even though the space in your inventory is severely limited, it’s worth to pick up all the junk that the enemies drop. It’s even more important during the first hours of the game, where you lack the money the most. If you aren’t in dire need of money, or you don’t really care about purchasing anything from vendors, the items you acquire can be dismantled for crafting components. Remember that components of the lower grade (like the “white” ones) can be used to create higher-quality components.

Remember to visit Dark Zones regularly as you make progress in the game. Those aren’t the safest and most predictable sources of income, and you will sometimes come out of them empty-handed, but on the other hand they will allow you to acquire powerful gear. Despite the fact that some of the gear from the Dark Zone will still be useless to you, it can still be sold to a vendor for a huge amount of Credits.

Earning by saving

You should always remember about the underestimated and omitted way of earning – by saving. If you aren’t careful, you can spend astronomical amount of money on things that will increase the effectiveness of your character by a tiny little bit (like a single point of armor, or a few points of damage).

Vendors will always have a lot of gear that will be better than the one you are using at the moment, but the gain will be marginal, and the amount of Credits you have will diminish extremely quickly.

Furthermore, note the following:

  1. Vendors are responsible for creating the artificial need to acquire money. By visiting their shops and seeing (most useless) pieces of equipment (giving you 1% increase of a given stat while costing a fortune), you will be tempted to use your hard-earned money on that. You should refrain from doing so – the items you need can be acquired by completing missions, dropped from enemies, or simply crafted by you at the crafting station.
  2. You should always consider dismantling items for crafting ingredients, instead of selling them to a vendor. You will have less money, that is a fact, but you will quickly accumulate huge amount of crafting materials, which will allow you to create your own items, which are often more powerful than the most expensive gear sold by the merchant. Stick to the simple rule – if you want to craft, focus on dismantling, otherwise just sell the equipment to a vendor.
  3. Search through the visited areas, especially those you venture through during story-related missions. By doing this, you will stumble upon many containers, with valuable loot hidden inside.

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