Ground War: Tanks Hack Unlimited Ammo

By | November 5, 2015

Facebook Game Hack. Free download Cheat Ground War: Tanks Hack Unlimited Ammo Locker Blue 100% Work, no password, no survey, safe no viruses and safe no banned. Function of this hack is make your ammo or bullet to be unlimited, so with using Ground War: Tanks Hack you can win the battle easily.


Ground War: Tanks is a 3D third-person shooting browser-based MMO action game available on Facebook that lets you build your own tank legend. Operate and battle with World War 2 era tanks. Play with online gamers from all over the world as you relieve the distant past and rebuild the tank conflicts in the 20th century. Team work and cooperation is the key in winning this multi-player game. Drive tanks from Soviet Union, Germany and United States.

Tanks are classified into Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, and Piat (Tank Destroyer). Each of the tanks can be upgraded and modified by equipping accessories, ammos, and supplies. Gold or silver can be used to modify vehicles and research different parts of a tank. Tanks can only join battles when driver squad is equipped. Drivers can learn skills and level up by obtaining experience points when fighting.

In game, players can get Pro Account using Gold recharge. Pro Account gives more benefits like ability to use silver to buy gold ammo and gold supplies. VIP players can get additional silver and EXP after a battle. Unlock Premium Vehicles like the M4/FL10, Lowe, T34, and Object 701. Recruit max level crew with different Master Tank skills. Purchase ammo, accessories, modules (hull, gun, turret, track, engine and radio) and supplies.

Participate in different fighting modes including Standard Mode, Defend Mode, Commander Mode, and Arcade Mode. Join tank battle tournaments. Become a Corp leader and command your corps to victory. It’s your chance to experience the conflicts in tank warfare back in the 20th century. Build and construct your very own powerful tank as you play Ground Wars: Tanks.

Cheat Ground War: Tanks Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Ammo Hack

How to use Ground War: Tanks Hack Unlimited Ammo:

  1. Log into facebook then play Ground War: Tanks Games
  2. Open Ground War: Tanks Locker Blue
  3. Back to the game and play the battle.
  4. Back to locker blue and fill keyword
  5. Below is full tutorial on video:

Tools required before cheat Ground War: Tanks on Facebook:
Ground War: Tanks Hack Unlimited Ammo Locker Blue, click button below to download this hack:

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