Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and Coins Bonus

By | September 9, 2015

Get free energy and coins for your Criminal Case with using Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and coins Gift from non-friends bonus. Criminal Case have 5M daily active players and 5 million players there must be players who get a bonus, from leveling up, resolving cases and others and the bonus can be either energy or coins. You can also get bonuses of players who level up, players who complete the mission or the other, even if that player is not your friend, but you must use Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and Coins Bonus to get bonus from non-friends.

Click the link or button below to go to Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and Coins Bonus:

To getting free energy or coins for Criminal Case game is simple, visit website that provides Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and Coins Bonus then click bonus thumbnails in the website and congratulations you get free energy, coins or other bonus for Your Criminal Case game.
NOTE: One click on each thumbnails gift and please reload the Criminal Case Auto Collect Energy and Coins Bonus page to showing new bonus.

Detective-themed games fans can get hooked to the present game instantly. Criminal Case is facebook game developed by Pretty easy Games.

You play a policeman character that needs to solve a series of cases that simply happen to be quite violent, and become a lot of tougher and longer to resolve as you progress. the primary case works as a guided tutorial, Jones is your initial policeman partner and works because the authority and may be a part of you in several missions if you need to.

Each case consists of many tasks or missions, however the crime scenes [here square measure all cases thoroughly just in case you can’t understand a way to solve one.] certainly stand out on high of the remainder. this can be wherever the “hidden-object” game comes into play. On every scene you’re conferred with a listing of objects to seek out, a number of them can become clues to resolve the case, however you would like to seek out all the things as quickly as doable to get the foremost precious resource within the game, Stars. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to replay the crime scene till you milk all the celebrities from it. you furthermore may unlock bonus scenes by enjoying them.

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