Magetale Hack Damage And Defense

By | August 28, 2015

Magetale Hack Damage and Defense.  Free hack for Magetale game on Facebook and this hack is 100% work. Function of magetale hack is to add huge damaga and huge defense to your mage or hero. By using this magetale hack, then you will not be defeated in every adventure battle and you will be very easy to defeat all enemies in adventure map.

Magetale hack damage and defense has been tested and the result is 100% work (see video below for the proof).You can get magetale hack damage and defense for free, free download, no password and no survey (absolutely free).

Possibility magetale hack damage and defense do not work because the games are updated by the developer. So please let me know magetale hack damage and defense does not work, I will as soon as possible to update it.

Do not use magetale hack in PVP, because the enemy also get the effect of increased defense and damage. Magetale hack damage and defense only effective in adventure map, because enemies do not get the effect of increased defense and damage.

Download new update for Magetale hack here:

Tutorial how to use Magetale Hack Damage And Defense:

  1. Log into facebook then play magetale game, after get into lobby game do not click anything.
  2. Open magetale hack and active all hack, do not open cheat engine and if you use google chrome to play this game, so do not open more than one tab, only open magetale game and do not open other browser, only open one browser.
  3. Back to the game and have a nice play.

Video tutorial how to use Magetale Hack Damage And Defense:

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