Free Criminal Case Gift, Complete Gift

By | August 17, 2015

Get complete gift for Criminal Case game for free, you can get Energy, Coins, Orange Juice, Wheel Of Fortune and Lucky Card for free. Criminal Case Game: hi Detectives! It’s weekend once more and that we area unit about to share a full list of all free gifts that you just might need lost. If you’re still unaware, WORLD EDITION of Criminal Case has been announced! when operating onerous at Grimsborough and Pacific Bay, {you area unit|you’re} currently heading to Europe!

Free Criminal Case Gift, Complete Gift

These are direct free gift links from the developer to assist you in determination your unfinished cases. this may positively aid you in your investigation progress. on every occasion a officer ranks up, they get promoted to a better rank though it doesn’t result the plot of the sport in anyway, which suggests ranking up isn’t essential to progress within the game.

Advantage of ranking up is that you just get a bag of chips and lots of different gifts. If you’re new player at criminal case you ought to visit our web site for cheat sheets and lots of different serving to materials for cases. Enjoying games effects your brain once you solve hidden objects you insert pressure at your brain this improves your memory and keeps your brain healthy.

Collect your complete list below from the links:


Orange Juice

Wheel Of Fortune


Coins 2

Lucky Card

Energy 2

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