Ballistic FPS Hack Update 2015

By | August 20, 2015
Ballistic FPS Hack Update 2015

Ballistic FPS Hack Update 2015, Free and 100% Work. This cheat is a useful cheat for Ballistic FPS game, with using this hack you can see other player in anywhere and you can have an unlimited ammo.

Ballistic FPS Hack Update 2015 has been tested on Firefox browser and the result is 100% work, you can get this hack for free (free download, no password and no survey). If this hack not work, please contact us via Facebook Here or comment below.

NOTE: Do not open cheat engine if you want open or use this hack and I’m not sure this hack can be used on Google Chrome browser. Possible this hack can be used on Google Chrome if your primary browser is Firefox and only open 1 tab (only open Criminal Case Game) and also only open Google Chrome browser (do not open other browser). To make your account be safe, please clear your cache using CCleaner or other before and after playing Ballistic game.

Features of Ballistic FPS Hack Update 2015:
– Show Player Nick: You can see other player in anywhere.
– Infinite Ammo: Your ammo can not be reduced, you can firing your enemy without reload.

Info Update: Ballistic FPS Hack has been update on ‎Thursday, ‎August ‎20, ‎2015. Update to Ballistic FPS Hack version 24 (Ballistic FPS V.24.CT).

Tools required to make this hack can be use:



  • Browser (recommend use firefox browser)

Tutorial how to use Ballistic Hack Update 2015:

  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine.
  2. Download Ballistic FPS CT file
  3. Log in to your facebook account then Play Ballistic FPS, after you get into home page of the game do not click anything.
  4. Open Cheat Engine, select process browser. Ex: Plugin-container for Firefox all OS, Why Plugin-container? Because this game use Unity 3D not Flash Player.
  5. Then Enable hack in the lobby game (make sure hack is active A and B)
  6. Done, now kill your enemy.

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