Dragon City Hack Free Gold Update

By | July 1, 2015

Drago City Hack Free Gold Update, the following tutorial will teach us about how to get a lot of free gold in Dragon City Game. We do not need to use tools like Cheat Engine or others, that we need is a browser and internet connection. By using Hack Dragon City Gold or this DC tools, you can get 6.000.000 Gold per click submit button for free

Info Update :
Dragon City Hack 6M Gold / Submit. Update ‎‎‎‎‎Wednesday, ‎July ‎01, ‎2015 – Work All Account. (Update Link)

What are the steps? The steps are like this:

  1. log in to your facebook account then open game Dragon City
  2. After that, open this site:

    Free Dragon City 6M Gold per Submit

  3. Then input your Facebook ID and Your Session ID
  4. Then click Submit

Video tutorials how to use hack dragon city gold:

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