Pool Live Pro Hack Power 2015

Pool Live Pro Hack Power, free and 100% work

Function of this hack is to make you able to get power bonus more than 100 percent, so if you use this hack, you can win the match in the pool live pro games easily. You can combine this hack with Pool Live Pro Hack Long Line.

Pool Live Pro Hack Power has been tested in firefox browser and the result is 100% work, you can get Pool lIve Pro Power hack for free, free download, no password and no survey (absolutly free). Please contact us if this hack not work, you can contact us via Facebook Here or use comment below.

NOTE: Do not open cheat engine if you want open or use Pool Live Pro Power hack and I’m not sure this hack can be used on Google Chrome browser. Possible this hack can be used on Google Chrome if your primary browser is Firefox and only open 1 tab (only open Pool Live Pro game) and also only open Google Chrome browser (do not open other browser).

Tools required:

Tutorial how to use Pool Live Pro Hack Power:

  1. Log into facebook then play Pool Live Pro game.
  2. After you get into the game (loby game) do not click anything.
  3. Open PLP Power then select your process browser (EX: FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox OS Win 7 and Plugin-container for Firefox OS Win XP).
  4. Then click Inject button.
  5. Ater that enable hack by click name hack then click enable button.
  6. Back to the game and now you have power shot.

Below is video tutorial how to use and combine Pool Live Pro Hack Power with Pool Live Pro Hack Long Line: