Get Throne Rush Free Unit

By | May 26, 2015

Free unit for throne rush game, get a variety of units in large numbers in throne rush game for free. You can get a variety of units, such as Throne Rush Knight, Throne Rush Goblin, Throne Rush Orc, Throne Rush Elf, Throne Rush Troll, Throne Rush Eagle, Throne Rush Mage, Throne Rush Wraith, Throne Rush Ent or maybe you can get Throne Rush Dragon.

When doing a mission or fighting an enemy in the arena any unit that you deploy in battle will be lost even if the unit doesn’t get killed. All units placed in battle (or a mission) do not return to the Barracks., so click link below to get to get 40 Elf, 2 Wraith and 20 Orc unit for free without spend your food, just click image below and you will get unit for free:

Click Image To Get 40 Elf
Click Image To Get 20 Orc
Click Image To Get 2 Wraith

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