Cheats Zeus Age Unlimited Hp Hack

By | April 19, 2015
Cheats Zeus Age Unlimited Hp Hack

Zeus Age Game

is action adventure game, you can play this game on android or in facebook. On this game you can choose lead a group of teammates: heroes, monsters and strange creatures will help you fight your way through this wonderful adventure.

In the adventure, you’ll fight a powerful enemy and maybe you can not defeat hem, but if you use Cheats Zeus Age Unlimited Hp Hack, you can defeat all enemy with easily because function of this hack is to make your HP or hitpoint to be unlimited.

We only need cheat engine to run this cheat, if do not have cheat engine so you can get cheat engine latest version by clicking on the link below:

Click Here to Download Cheat Engine

Below is tutorial how to use Cheats Zeus Age Unlimited Hp Hack:

  1. Log into facebook then Play Zeus Age.
  2. Ater you get into the game then click hero button then click main heroes then click detail.
  3. Now page contain information of heroes will appear.
  4. Open cheat engine then select process browser, example: plugin-container.exe for firefox all OS or chrome.exe.
  5. Now first scan your HP amount, example 909.
  6. And you will get a lot of address code.
  7. Move down 20 code or more from below.
  8. Then change value code from 909 to 99999 or up to you.
  9. Back to the game then close heroes detail and open again heroes detail and see hitpoint heroes, if HP of heroes has not change then move some code (909 code) from below again to the address box list again then change value to 99999 again, do it until Hp of heroes fas changed.
  10. Done.

Video tutorial how to use Cheats Zeus Age Unlimited Hp Hack:

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