Cheat Dragon City Combat

By | April 12, 2015
Cheat Dragon City Combat

Dragon City Game is one of very famous game in facebook, in this game there is a PVP system or often called combat. The combat system only can be used once a day and if you win in combat then you can get two gems for free and also your dragon that used to fight will get star.

However I found hack online that serves to cheat combat system in Dragon City game, the tool is Cheat Dragon City Combat or Dragon City Combat Hack. By using this tool or this hack you can make combat more than once in a day, you can automatically combat, always win in combat, each three times the combat then you will get 3 gems for free and add stars to the dragon you use.

Hack Dragon City Combat is an hack online and You can visit or open this hack online for free, absolutely free. Click link below to visit or open Cheat Dragon City Combat:

Tools Dragon City Combat

How to use Cheat Dragon City Combat:

  1. Log into facebook then play Dragon City game.
  2. After you get in the game, find your Facebook Id or User Id and your sesseion Id.
  3. You can find User Id and Session Id by right click frame of the game then click this frame then select view frame source code.
  4. Then new page will appear that contains source code of the game, in source code find your User Id and Your session Id.
  5. After you found it, then visit or open Tools Dragon City Combat.
  6. Then fill FBID form with your facebook Id or User Id and fill the sessionId form with your session Id.
  7. Then click load dragon button then select dragon and click do combat button, wait until process done, do it until 7 click do combat button to get 3 gems for free and each 1 click do combat button your dragon will kill 3 enemy and get star (you can do it over and over again).
  8. After that reload dragon city game and see you gems and your dragon star.
  9. Done.

Below is video tutorial how to use Cheat Dragon City Combat:

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