Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015

By | March 7, 2015
Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015

Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015 free and 100% work. With using this hack you will be very easy to defeat your enemies because this hack has function to make skill your pet to be unlimited.

For example Keiko. Keiko have a skill burn, restrict, honorable sword strike and gost sonic. If you use this hack so Keiko have skill burn from 3% reduce terget Hp  to 99999% reduce terget Hp, restrict target 1 turn to be 50 restrict, disable attacking with weapon 2 turn to be 50 turn and chaos target 1 turn to be 50 turn.

Pets which can be hack:
Chiko, Easa, Eriko, Hachibi, Inukochi, Katsura, Keiko, Kisuke, Leiko, Little Jyubi, Suki, Suzu, Tomaru and Yamaru.

Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015 has been tested and the result is 100% work, I tested this hack using Keiko and using Fiddler. You can get Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015 for free, free download, no password and no survey.

Tools required to make this hack can be use:



  • Your browser (tested using firefox browser).

Tutorial how to use this hack:

  1. Open your Ninja Saga (don’t select any char)
  2. Open Fiddler4/Fiddler2 or Charles (use charles if you know how to put swf there).
  3. Drag your choosen swf on the Autoresponder thick enable automatic response and unmatched request passthrough.
  4. Clear your browser Cache
  5. Click Play then go to battle and enjoy !

Below is video tutorial how to use Ninja Saga Hack Super Pet 2015:

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