Lilycity HD Hack Free Expand

By | March 15, 2015
Lilycity HD Hack Free Expand

Lilycity HD Hack Free Expand only use Cheat Engine and 100% Work. By using this hack you can expand area in Lilycity HD Game for free.

About Lilycity HD Game:
Lilycity HD is an easygoing social city-building amusement. The amusement is like SimCity Social and FarmVille. The objective is to add to a city by cultivating, developing structures, and gathering rent. Lilycity HD is a freemium amusement. There is no expense to play, however players have the alternative of buying premium substance. Click link below to play Lilycity HD game on facebook:

This hack has been tested and the result is 100% work, this hack can be use in all browser because we only use cheat engine to cheat Lilycity HD Game. If you do not have Cheat Engine, please download Cheat Engine by click on the link below (recommend use latest version):

Click To Get Cheat Engine Latest Version

Below is a tutorial how to use Lilycity HD Hack Free Expand:

  1. Log into facebook then play the game.
  2. After you get into the game open Cheat Engine.
  3. In the Cheat Engine select process browser then select value type to 4 Bytes.
  4. Now back to the game then click build button, then click Urban Expanse button.
  5. After tat back to Cheat Engine then first scan value 20000.
  6. You will get some address, move down the address to the address list box, then change volue of 20000 to 1.
  7. Now back again to the game and close the Build page and click on the area you want to expand and click Expand it.
  8. Done.

Below is video tutorial how to use Lilycity HD Hack Free Expand:

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