Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp

By | March 7, 2015
Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp

Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp without download. Get free Gold, Xp and Food for your Dragon City Game without download, 100% work and 100% no virus.

With using this hack or hack online you can get Food, Gold and Exp for free. Simple, fill your Dragon City Session Id and Your facebook Id into a column that has been provided then click sumbit, you can get 30K Food, Gold and Exp per click Submit button, You can repeat the click submit as many as you want.

Info Update:
Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp has been updated on Saturday, March 07, 2015. Update to Dragon City Up to 30K Food, Gold and Exp per Submit.

Visit Dragon City Gold, Food and Xp tools by clicking on the link below:

Dragon City 30K Food, Exp and Gold per Submit

Steps to use this hack:

  1. Log into facebook then play Dragon City Game.
  2. Now after you getinto the game, right click on game frame and choose “view frame source”
  3. On Keyboard click (ctrl+f) you will see a bar fill with “session id”.
  4. After you find your Session Id, now time to find Your facebook Id.
  5. To find Facebook Id fisit this website findmyfacebookid.com then copy your Facebook Profile Link then input to the column, then click Lookup numeric ID button
  6. Now, back to the tools and fill Fbid column with your Facebook Id and Column SessionId with your Dragon City Session Id.
  7. After all filled column and then click the submit button.
  8. Now relod your Dragon City Game and see your Gold, Food and your Exp.

Below is video tutorial how to use Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp:

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  1. Anonymous

    ko saya pas nyari signed_request nya ga ketemu terus ya gan ? mohon pencerahaan ga 😀

  2. Anonymous

    gue error ada tulisan netframe v4..

    . kenapa itu.. tolong penjelasannya

  3. Anonymous

    gan….apa aja yg musti di instal biar bisa kluar cheat nya..saya error mulu….pdahal udah instal vcredit


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