Pool Arena Hack Long Line

By | December 13, 2014
Pool Arena Hack Long Line

Pool Arena Hack Long Line with using this cheat, you will easier to win the match becouse funtion of this hack is to extend the line, so that you more easily to direct the ball into hole.

About Pool Arena :
This game is a game of snooker, which is similar to the 8 ball pool game. The purpose of the 8ball is for the one player to pocket the solid colored balls numbered 1-7 while the other tries to pocket the striped balls numbered 9-15. After the player knocks in all of their balls, the player must call the pocket on the last ball remaining, the 8 ball. In 9 Ball play, each player tries to pocket the balls in order, from 1 through 9. While playing all you need are dexterity and the right strategy.

Perfect your skills and strike the balls into one of the six openings to earn points! Play Pool Arena On Facebook : https://apps.facebook.com/ll_pool/?fb

Update Trainer:
Pool Arena Hack Long Line updated on ‎Saturday, ‎December ‎13, ‎2014. Updates Pool Arena Version 2.4.CT (Cheat Engine Table)

Tools Required :

Steps to use Pool Arena Hack Long Line:

  1. Log in to your facebook account then play Pool Arena Facebook Game
  2. When you are in the game lobby, open trainer
  3. On the trainer click “select process” then select process you use (ex : FlashPlayerPlugin), then click “Inject” button
  4. After that, select hack list and click enable (you must enable all hack)
  5. Back to the game and play the game
  6. Video tutorial :

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