Let’s Hunt Hack New and Free

By | December 21, 2014
Let's Hunt Hack New and Free

Let’s Hunt cheat complete, 100% work and free.

Features of this cheat is : Unlimited Ammo, Always Heart Shot, Animal No Scared, Mission Time and Steady Scope. You can get Let’s Hunt Hack for free, no password and no survey, I has tested this cheat and the result is 100% work.

Function of each hack on Let’s Hunt Hack:

  • Unlimited Ammo : You will not run out of ammo.
  • Always Heart Shot : Even if you shoot the legs, but that is exposed in the heart.
  • Animal No Scared : Animals will never run, although heard a shot.
  • Mission Time : Unlimited time for freehunt and quest mission.
  • Steady Scope.
  • This hack was made by : Djaggo N3.

Tools required to make this hack work:

  1. Cheat Engine latest version, click link below to get it.

    Click To Get Cheat Engine

  2. Let’s Hunt CETrainer by Djaggo N3 (free download, no password and no survey)

    Click To Get Let’s Hunt Hack Link 1

    Click To Get Let’s Hunt Hack Link 2

  3. Your browser (tested on Google Chrome and Firefox)

Tutorials how to use Let’s Hunt Hack:

  1. Login to facebook then Play Let’s Hunt Game.
  2. After you login to main home page, open Let’s Hunt CETrainer
  3. On the Let’s Hunt CETrainer, click pick a process then select process. ex : plugin-container.exe for Firefox and chrome.exe for Goole Chrome.
  4. After that click Attach button then click continue button.
  5. Now, enable all hack or enable in accordance with your wishes.
  6. Done, if you do not understand with tutorial above, you can see tutorial on video format below :

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