Fairytale Cheat Unlimited Turn and Score

By | December 16, 2014

Fairytale cheat unlimited turn and score only using cheat engine. By using this cheat you can get unlimited turn and get high scores on the Fairytale game very easily, so you will never lose a live if you using this cheat.

Fairytale is one of the match 3 games that are on facebook, this game is similar to candy crush saga and other matching 3 games. Play Fairytale on facebook here : https://apps.facebook.com/thefairytale

We just need cheat engine to cheat this game, please download cheat engine if you do not have it, you can download cheat engine here :

Get Cheat Engine Latest Version

Below is step cheat this game using cheat engine :

  1. Login to facebook then play Fairytale.
  2. After you login to home page of the game, open cheat engine.
  3. On the cheat engine select process browser (Ex : FlashPlayerPlugin or Chrome).
  4. Set value type to 4 bytes.
  5. Back to the game, then play.
  6. Get some score then scan your score using cheat engine, get score again then put the score to cheat engine then click next scan, do it until you get 2 address.
  7. After you get 2 address, move the address to address list and change value to according to your wishes.
  8. For more tutorial can be seen on the video below :

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