Dibble Dash Hack Unlimited Dibbles

By | December 28, 2014
Dibble Dash Hack Unlimited Dibbles

Cheat Dibble Dash unlimited dibbles permanent and free. Function of this hackĀ  is to make you can get unlimited dibbles for free and permanent in the Dibble Dash Game. This hack has been tested on Firefox and Google Chrome browser and the result is 100% work.

I made this hack in CT File (Cheat Engine Table) but you can also cheat Dibble Dash Unlimited Dibbles using 4 bytes scan manually, and below is tools required to cheat cheat Dibble Dash :

Tutorial how to using Dibble Dash Hack Unlimited Dibbles :

  1. Login to facebook then play Dibble Dash Game.
  2. After you get into the game, open cheat engine then select process browser (use plugin-container.exe for firefox because this game using Unity 3D engine).
  3. After that, load Dibble Dash CT file then tick the small box.
  4. Back to the game and start the match.
  5. Get some dibbles and see your dibbles, after amount of dibbles change to 999999, back to cheat engine then untick the small box.
  6. Watch video below for more details :

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