Highway Racer Hack Market and Score

By | November 18, 2014

Highway Racer Hack Market and Score. Cheat Market and Score for Highway Racer Game on Facebook, by using this hack you can get a very high score and you can also get all the cars at a price of 1 coin.

Highway Racer is facebook game that have sport category, this game is similar to Street Race Rival and Fast and Furious 6 Game. In this game you are asked to controlling a speeding car with a very high speed and should not be struck another vehicle or the road divider. The farther away you drove without crashing, then you will get a lot of coins and a high score, but if you use Highway Racer Hack Market and Score, you will be very easy to get a high score and also you can buy all the cars at the price of 1 coin.

This hack only using Cheat Engine, so if you do not have cheat engine then please download Cheat Engine first. You can download Cheat Engine Latest Version by clicking on the link below :

Click To Download Cheat Engine

And below is tutorial how to use Highway Racer Hack Market and Score :

  1. Log in to your facebook account then Play Highway Racer Game.
  2. After you log in to the game, open cheat engine then select process browser. If you use Firefox you must select plugin-container.exe because this game use Unity 3D.
  3. Now back to the game
  4. For next tutorial you can see on the video below (everything is 4 bytes):

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