Happy Acres Hack Treasure Box

By | September 29, 2014

Cheats Happy Acres Treasure Box only using Cheat Engine and 100% Work. By using Hack Happy Acres Treasure Box, you will be able to get the treasure box as much as you want, but the price of this treasure box is 100 coins. If you have 4000 coins then by using this cheat you can get 40 treasure box.

Contents of the Treasure Box you get is experience or Exp and some stuff. Some stuff you can get is: glass pane, stone, iron, oil, clacy and maybe you can get another stuff. You must install cheat engine before using this hack, if you do not have Cheat Engine, you can download Cheat Engine by clicking on the link below :

Free Download Cheat Engine

For a tutorials how to use Cheats Happy Acres Treasure Box, can you read and follow the steps in the tutorial below (I include a video tutorial) :

  1.  Log in to your facebook account then Play Happy Acres
  2. Now, open cheat engine then select process browser, ex : Firefox in Win 7 then select FlashPlayerPlugin.
  3. After that change value type to String
  4. Then first scan this string : Machine_Dairy
  5. And you get some address
  6. Move all the addresses that you get to Address List
  7. Now, change value to : Treasure_Box1
  8. Back to the game, go to the Shop and  click Machines
  9. See video below for more tutorials :

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