Chrono Blade Hack Unlimited HP

By | September 10, 2014

Chrono Blade Hack Unlimited HP work and free.

As we know, Chrono Blade is a facebook game that have categories of RPG which has a lot of mission, in every mission we will meet many enemies who have high ability. But by using Chrono Blade hack, you will not fail or lose in every mission because funtion of this cheats is make us can not die or invincible in the Chrono Blade game.


Chrono Blade Hack Unlimited HP is very simple hack, because this hack only use cheat engine. If you do not have cheat engine, you can download cheat engine by clicking on the link below:

Free Download Cheat Engine

And, below is tutorial how to use Chrono Blade Hack, i include a video tutorial.

1. Download Cheat Engine, if you not have cheat engine.
2. Log in facebook than play Chrono Blade Game, this link to play Chrono Blade :
3. After you log in to the game, open cheat engine and select process browser, select plugin-container.exe, because this game using Unity 3D.
4. For next tutorial you can see on the video below :

NB : Please don’t report my video

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