BigHead BASH Cheat Unlimited Ammo

By | September 10, 2014

BigHead BASH Cheat Unlimited Ammo.

BigHead BASH is multiplayer facebook game, this game is similar to FPS game like Red Crucible, Ballistic FPS, Contract Wars and other FPS Game, but character, battle arena and weapon in this game is like toys.

In this game we are told to defeat the opposing team, we will get a powerful weapon in this game but still with a limited amount of bullets. But, if you use BigHead BASH Cheat Unlimited Ammo you will not run out of ammunition in the battle.


I have tested BigHead BASH Cheat Unlimited Ammo and the results is 100% working. This hack is very ease, we just need cheat engine and AOB code. If you do not have cheat engine, you can download cheat enigne by clicking on the link below :

Free Download Cheat Engine

For AOB code can be found in the tutorial below, (please see video tutorial if you do not understand with text tutorial) :

1. Download Cheat Engine, if you do not have cheat engine.
2. Log in facebook and play BigHead BASH, here link to play this game :
3. After you log in  to the game, open cheat engine then select process browser
    (select plugin-container.exe   for firefox because this game using Unity 3D).
4. Now, back to the game then join to the battle, do some shots.
5. After that, back to cheat engine and first scan this code :

75 ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 ?? ?? ?? ?? 86 ?? ?? ?? ?? E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 ?? ?? ?? ??

    you will get 1 address.
6. Copy the address to the address list box
7. Now, change value to this code :

75 ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 ?? ?? ?? ?? 86 ?? ?? ?? 02 E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 ?? ?? ?? ??

8. After that, back to the game, do some shots and see your ammo.. will not be reduced
9. below is video tutorial how to use this hack :

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