Pixel Junk Monsters Hack Super Tower

By | August 25, 2014

Pixel Junk Monsters Hack for tower, so your tower to be have more damage, more attack range and have more faster attack. You can get Pixel Junk Monsters Hack Super Tower for free, no survey, no password and free download.

About Pixel Junk Monsters Game
PixelJunk Monsters is an unforgiving game if you’re looking to perfect every level, but it is beatable and screwing up a level multiple times only makes your rainbow that much sweeter. Sure, it’ll take practice and patience (which many of us don’t have), but even when you’re getting beatdown, you’ll want to come back for another go.
Play Pixel Junk Monsters Game on Facebook Here : https://apps.facebook.com/pjmonsters/

Tools Required :

Tutorial using this hack :

  1. Download and instal cheat engine (but do not open, just install).
  2. Download pjmonsters trainer (do not open yet)
  3. Log in to facebook and play Pixel Junk Monsters game.
  4. After you get in the lobby game do not click Start.
  5. Open pjmonsters trainer, select process on the process list then click Inject button
  6. After that, click list hack then click enable (you must enable all hack).
  7. Done, play the game and see difference.
  8. Video tutorial :

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