KingsRoad Hack Unlimited Queen’s Blessing

By | August 22, 2014

Hack Unlimited Queen’s Blessing for KingsRoad Game. Now you will be easier to to get the experience or XP in the KingsRoad Game, because if you use the tool you will get Queen’s Blessing with unlimited time. Function of Queen’s Blessing is increasing the gain experience or XP (Boost XP), so you will be easier to increase your level.

To obtain maximum results, combine this KingsRoad Hack Unlimited Queen’s Blessing with Kings Road All In One Hack.

Tools Required :

Tutorial use this hack :

  1. Log in to your facebook account then play KingsRoad Game.
  2. Go to  Father byron – the sage then select your enemy.
  3. Then play with Heroic Mode or Champion Mode.
  4. After that click play alone, now you see the item Queen’s Blessing, if you use these items then you have to wait more than 3 hours to be able to use it again.
  5. Now open Cheat Engine.
  6. In Cheat Engine select browser process.
  7. Check little box on menu Enable Speedhack, setting speed to 1000 then click Apply.
  8. The waiting time will be reduced very quickly, when the waiting time is less than 1 minute, remove the check in little box on menu Enable Speedhack.
  9. Use this method if the time use of the Queen’s Blessing has run out.
  10. Video Tutorials :

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