Dungeon Rampage All In One Hack Work

By | April 11, 2014

Dungeon Rampage All In One Hack Work, with this cheat you can get a free legendary key and other key, rapid attack 8x, increase movement speed 5x, Default Zoom Factor (Map wider) 0.3 and much more.

Overall content of this hack :

  • Legendary Key
  • Other Key
  • 1M coin DK
  • Projectile Chains & Pierce
  • combat shape/AOE
  • Rapid 8x
  • Movement Speed 5x
  • Default Zoom Factor (Map wider) 0.3
  • Charge attack
  • Ignore mana cost
  • wider autoaim area
  • AoE through Wall (not for Projectile)
  • Dragon cheast

Tools required :

Steps to use 01.DunRampage.CT file :

  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine (do not open yet)
  2. Download 01.DunRampage CT (do not open yet)
  3. Log in to your facebook account then play Dungeon Rampage game
  4. Open Cheat Engine then select your process browser
  5. Load or open 01.DunRampage CT
  6. Check all the small boxes or check small box according to your wishes.
  7. Back to the game, defeat your enemies and finish
  8. Video Tutorial how to use 01.DunRampage.CT :

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