Clockmaker Complete HackS Update


Clockmaker Complete Hack Update. Feature this Cheat: Ifinite Energy, Instant Win/Complete and Buy Material Add Diamond. With this cheat, you can get a free diamond, finish the game in an instant and have unlimited energy.
Info Update
Clockmaker Hack Diamond, Energy and Instant Win Update ‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎31, ‎2013. Update to Clockmaker Trainer V.4


Steps to use this trainer:

  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Download ClockmakerV3 trainer
  3. Log in to your facebook account and Play Clockmaker (don’t click anything)
  4. Open Trainer, select your process browser then click attach, after success click continue
  5. Then enable all hack
  6. After that, play Clockmaker
  7. Video tutorial:


  1. Assalamu alaikum wr.wb

    buat admin..
    Update cheat auto win nya dong ,
    saya hampir fustasi , gara2 main 8 ball pool..
    Saya sudah banyakin tu coins nya sampe 50.000 dan saya pun langsung play di 1 vs 1 yang 50.000 an..
    Ehh pas dia baru 1 sodokan.
    Dia langsung win..

    Akhir nya 50.000 coins hilang ,,
    saya kesal bang..
    Pliss update cheat auto win nya..
    Yang laen udh pada gk work.
    Saya sudah keliling-keliling goggle tetap tdk ada yang workk..
    Help me.

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