StreetRace RIVALS Hack Cash Permanent

By | November 18, 2013

StreetRace RIVALS Hack Cash Permanent, with this cheat you can get a lot of EXP, Gold, Cash, Ranking Global and Winner for free, you just need Chearles software, to run this cheat. You can download Chearles here, free download.
Play StreetRace RIVALS:

Tools Required:

Steps to use this hack:

  1. Download and Instal Charles Proxy
  2. Log in to your facebook account then play Street Race RIVALS
  3. Change game link HTTPS to HTTP, see an example:
  4. After that reload Street Race RIVALS with link HTTP and stay in the lobby
  5. Open Charles Proxy
  6. In the locate for and expend it
  7. Now back to the game then select easy money rice and select easiest racer then rice
  8. After finishing race don’t click continue, instead to charles and click and expend it.
  9. Like this : >
    data >
  10. Then open request section and click edit, then edit like this: pl_topspeed to 100.56,pl_perfGear to 10000000,pl_goodGear to 1000000 then click execute.
  11. Now back to the game and click continue and in the lobby you can see hat your cash amount.
  12. See Video tutorial:

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