HotShot-Piggle Ripoff Hack Infinite Update

By | November 10, 2013

HotShot-Piggle Ripoff Hack Infinite Update. This cheat works to stock ball will never run or infinite balls, increase the score and clear the whole level instantly.
Features this cheat is: Infinite ball, this hack is make your balls stock will not decrease (always increasing) and Super Grenades this cheat This for instance makes the radius of the grenade large enough to clear the whole level instantly. Which nets an insane score I might add.

HotShot’s gameplay is basically a clone of Peggle’s (down to the very colors on the pegs), although it wisely grants bonuses through familiar social gaming staples, such as coins instead of through mere level progression. Your basic object is to clear the screen of orange pegs by firing a projectile from a cannon at the top of screen, after which the projectile bounces off blue and orange pegs on the way to the oscillating bucket. Your points also accumulate and gain multipliers as the ball makes its way down, and it’s possible to win another ball if you either build enough points or land the ball into the bucket.

Play HotShot on facebook:

Tools required:

How to use hack HotShot T-V1:

  1. Download and instal cheat engine
  2. Download  HotShot T-V1 trainer
  3. Log in to your facebook account then play HotShot (do not do click anything)
  4. Open  HotShot T-V1 trainer and Select process browser then click select button
  5. After that..Let’s play HotShot and get the highest score
  6. Video tutorial:

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