Cafeland Instant Cooking Hack Update

By | November 13, 2013

Cafeland Instant Cooking Hack Update. Cheat is working to speed up process of cooking, with this cheat you can cook very quickly or cook instantly. If this cheat does not work please give your comment.
Cafeland Instant Cooking Hack Update Wednesday, ‎November ‎13, ‎2013. Update Instant Cooking02.ct
Tools required:

Steps to use Cafeland Instant Cooking Hack Update:

  1. Download and insatal Cheat Engine
  2. Download instant cooking.ct
  3. Log in to your facebook account then play Cafeland (do not do click anything)
  4. After that, open Cheat Engine then select proccess to open (flashplayerplugin for firefox and chrome.exe for google chrome), then load instant cooking.ct.
  5. After that, activate the cheat by checking the small box left.
  6. Okay! Now .. let’s get cooking.
  7. Video tutorial:

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