Social Empires Hack Unit Golden Armor Dragon Rider


Social Empires Hack Unit Golden Armor Dragon Rider, this Cheat function to help you in getting Unit Golden Armor Dragon Rider, Golden Armor Dragon. Needed 10 Cash to get this unit, use this Cheat Social Empires Cash With Cheat Engine (100% work) to earn cash for free

Tools Required:

Steps To get unit Golden Armor Dragon Rider and Golden Armor Dragon:

  1. Download and instal Cheat Engine
  2. Login to your account facebook and open Social Empires Game
  3. after that, click build button and search “Advanced Catapult Workshop” (build >> Attack >> siege weapons) do ot build first
  4. Open Cheat Engine >> Select process browser
  5. Change value type from 4 bytes to Array of bytes
  6. then Click first scan code below (Advanced Catapult Workshop):
    00 31 32 39 33 00 00 00    : Advanced Catapult Workshop
  7. Select address and click red arrow
  8. than change value address to code below (Unit Golden Armor Dragon Rider):
    00 32 33 35 33 00 00 00 00 : Golden Armor Dragon Rider
    00 32 33 35 31 00 00 00 00 : Golden Armor Dragon
  9. Back to Social Empires, click “Cavalry” then click “siege weapons”
  10. Last steps, build Advanced Catapult Workshop.
  11. For a step similar to the video below. You simply replace the code.

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