Fishing Paradise Hack Shiners, Coins and Exp Permanent

By | September 22, 2013

Fishing Paradise Hack Shiners, Coins and Exp Permanent. This cheats is useful to assist us in obtaining shiners, coins and exp for free, unlimited and permanent.

Fishing Paradise Informations:
Embark on a global fishing adventure with your guide “The Bass Professor” in the ultimate cross platform MMO social Fishing game. Play for FREE on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook. Fish popular locations around the world, Catch, breed & sell rare species, HUGE variety of fishing tackle and species, Visit friends & fish their lakes, even hold your very own competitions, Multiplayer tournaments and leaderboards, Achievements, Collections, Unique Gameplay, Stunning 3D graphics and more…

Below are the tools used and the steps to Hack Fishing Paradise Shiners, Coins and Exp Permanent:
Tools required:

Steps to use this cheats:

  1. Log in to your facebook account then Play Fishing Paradise (For beginner players, before you play this game, you are required to download and install unity.exe)
  2. Open Cheat Engine and select process browser (for Mozilla Firefox is “plugin-container.exe” do not select FlashPlayerPlugin or Firefox.exe) (I have not test this cheat on google chrome or IE)
  3. Then select value type to “4bytes” and First scan Amount of your Shiners
  4. Back to Fishing Paradise, buy any item that uses shiners
  5. Back to CE, change value to amount of shiners after being used to buy then click next scan (Do this until you get 1 address)
  6. Move the address to the Address list (by the way: blocks and then press the red arrow icon)
  7. Then change value to any amount of shiners you want.
  8. To get the coin and exp, do the same with getting shiners, change the number of coins or exp you have.
  9. Video tutorials:

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