Jetpack Joyride Coins Hack with CE

By | June 18, 2013

Jetpack Joyride Hack Coins Cheats,with this cheats you will get a lot of coins, this coins is only temporary but with a lot of coins you can buy all the items that you want and items you buy are permanet.

Tools required :


  1. open cheat engine choose your browser
  2. go to stash
  3. go to cheat engine search your gold (that u have)
  4. buy something
  5. go back to cheat engine
  6. write your gold (that u have affter u bought something)
  7. click next scan
  8. get all codes down and change it to any number like 9999999
  9. then go back to the game and buy anther something (u have to be faster at the this step)
  10. then go back to the game and buy anther something and back to the cheat engine fast then freaze thim (the Active square)
  11. Vidio tutoeial:

then u got unlimited coins but the coins wont save only the items that u going to buy , so buy what ever u want and then un active the freazing and play enjoy

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