NightClub City Cheat Money Hack

By | May 15, 2013

NightClub City Cheat Money Hack. With this cheats you can get a lot of money and unlimited money with ease. Get money in the game NightClub City with this hack.

Equipment required:

The steps to be done:

  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Open your Facebook account and play NightClub City
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select your browser (FalshPlayerPlugin or Plugin-container.exe for Mozilla Firefox) and (chrome.exe for Google Chrome)
  4. Value Type: 4 Bytes
  5. First Scan 1.000.000
  6. Copy all selected item (address) to the address list
  7. then change value to: 0
  8. Go to Redecorate , Go to the top right menu (near Facebook Credit)
  9. Buy “Lost aquarium of atlantis” as many as you want (Put anywhere / Inventory)
  10. Change code again to: 999999
  11. Sell the “Lost aquarium of atlantis” that you put somewhere.
  12. See video tutorials:

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