Lucky Slots Game Free Spin Hack

By | May 13, 2013

Lucky Slots Game Free Spin Hack. This method is useful to get a lot of coins in the game Lucky Slots on Facebook. This hack using Charles Proxy.

Tools Used in Lucky Slots Game Free Spin Hack:

  • Charles Proxy
  • Java (Before installing charles, you need to install java.)
  • Browser

Steps in Lucky Slots Game Free Spin Hack :

  1. Download and Instal Java
  2. Download and Instal Charles Proxy
  3. Open Lucky Slots Game
  4. Open Charles
  5. See video tutorial below :
  6. After watching it closely……….there is only 3 things he actually did AFTER winning the 4 of a kind
    • He refreshed the page then quickly sets a breakpoint on
    • Then he executes it 3 times.
    • Then he edits the response (changing his bet from 2 to 9000000) and then removes the breakpoint.
  7. This all happens WHILE he’s in the middle of his free spins.

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