Let’s Fish Hack Always Catch Fish

By | April 19, 2013
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Let’s Fish Hack New Update. Let’s Fish Hack is a useful hack to help us in catching fish on the game let’s fish. Let’s Fish hack has two hack list, the first hack is Always caught fish Hack and the second is Catch fish instantly. You can get Let’s Fish Hack for free, free download, no password, no survey and no virus.

Hack Update :
Let’s Fish Hack New Update, Click this link to get Let’s Fish Hack New Update : Let’s Fish Hack Update 2015

Equipment Used for Let’s Fish Hack Always Catch Fish :

  1. Cheat Engine

    Free Download Cheat Engine

  2. Lets Fish hack new Update


  3. Browser

Steps for Let’s Fish Hack Always Catch Fish :

  1. Download and Insatal Cheat Engine (do not open) then CT file
  2. Sign in to game Let’s Fish (do not click “Cast the line” first)
  3. Open Cheat Engine
  4. Select process to open then select (FlashPlayerPlugin for firefox or chrome.exe for google chrome)
  5. Then load CT File
  6. After that, tick litlle box
  7. Done
  8. See in video below:
    Video tutorials Let’s Fish Hack Always Catch Fish

161 thoughts on “Let’s Fish Hack Always Catch Fish

  1. Eugein Sterling

    hey admin thanks you hack ^_^ ur hack make me happy 1 day more 😀 (Y) buy pity no that hack is stop work for today…. can u get update thank so much u are great!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    update plis, today 23-08-2013 don't work.
    GOOD job ;), im Jochemali

  3. Deny Roger

    Let's Fish Hack Always Catch Fish (new update Friday, 12 July, 2013 update Lets Fish Hack 12 July 2013.CT)

  4. Anonymous

    dont work for me.. i play via letsfish site,do i must play via facebook for hack to be working? thx

  5. Anonymous

    Don't know what I'm doing wrong here but wether on FB ou stand alone, it does not work! help Please Gavisc!

  6. Deny Roger

    Let's Fish Hack Always Catch Fish. new update June 12' 2013 update Lets Fish Hack 12-06.ct (update code for fast catch)

  7. Deny Roger

    Let's Fish Hack Always Catch Fish, Update File CT on Saturday, June 08' 2013. the File .CT can be tested

  8. Anonymous

    only working on facebook, not at the "standalone" version

  9. Deny Roger

    open lets fish (do not click "Cast the line" first) open File CT then tick the box, after that click "Cast the line"

  10. Anonymous

    Great work for all but the fast take dont work =)
    thx for all!

  11. Anonymous

    Can you make an update, please?? 🙂 It stopped working today 🙁

  12. Anonymous

    could you please link to a tutorial video explaining hoe to install

  13. Anonymous

    Try-doesn't work! Allow just tick above script, but not script!

  14. Anonymous

    Let's Fish Hack Always Catch Fish, Not working anymore, coz the game has update @ 9 May 2013, if anybody have the latest, share please…

  15. Anonymous

    Deny Rogertry try it shortly. thank you in advance

  16. Anonymous

    could you please update?
    Stopped working.

    Thanx and keep up the good work! 😉

  17. Anonymous

    Can someone make a video how load CT codes in cheat engine? I tried many times, but I think i do something wrong! I use google Chrome-facebook doesn't accept Mozila anymore! Sent link with video to email belizars@inbox.lv or just make a public, please!

  18. Deny Roger

    now cheat is working again, because file CT has been updated on april 19' 2013
    Cheats can be directly tested.

  19. Anonymous

    udah update lagi ya gan ? yang ini udah ga work nih…….^^


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