Pet Rescue Saga Cheat Score Hack

By | February 28, 2013

Pet Rescue Saga Cheat Score Hack, with this hack or this cheat you can get the highest score. Get the highest score in Pet Rescue Saga. If you play game Pet Rescue Saga long and not get a high score, then try using this Hack and get your high score.
NOTE : Max score value is 999999

Pet Rescue Saga Cheat Score Hack Tools :

Pet Rescue Saga Cheat Score Hack Steps :

  1. Open up Pet Rescue Saga window and log in
  2. Start Cheat Engine
  3. Select Browser process chrome.exe for chrome browser or FlashPlayerPlugin…..exe for firefox broser
  4. Go to play a Pet Rescue Saga game and get initial score
  5. Go back to your Cheat Engine and scan the initial score value
  6. Now go in game and pop some ballons
  7. Come back on Cheat Engine set new score value and click next scan
  8. Select all result and click red arrow
  9. Change all value you prefer

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