Ninja Saga Hack : Atribute Point Generator

By | February 18, 2013

Hack Ninja Saga Atribute Point Generator. This hack function to add attribute points to the character of our ninja. With this generator attribute points we can add points at will.  Atribute Point Generator + Spacial Valnetine Event Hacked. Special Emblem Battle for more reward from Event Valentine Day Ninja Saga 2013, Let’s make it easy.

Tool support this hack:

How this hack work:

  1. Download and Instal Fiddler
  2. Login to app Ninja Saga (but do not go in to the Headquater first)
  3. Open Fiddler 2 >> Select AutoResponder tab (icon lightning)
    • Enable Automatic Responses
    • Unmatched request passthrought
  4. Drag swf file to Auto responder table.
  5. Open your browser >> Must Clear Chache
  6. Login to Ninja Saga >> Go to Headquater
    Make Sure Type Password: SikyHackerz
  7. Now do what hack do you want, Happy Cheating !

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