Cheat NSF Most Wanted (Latest Cheat)

By | November 5, 2012

NSF Most Wanted is racing game that a lot of users. If you want to play the game NSF Most Wanted with ease, i will give the Cheat game NSF Most Wanted for free. With this cheat you can get NOS can not depleted, Speedbreake can not depleted and many more.

Click the link below to download the Cheat :

Download Cheat NSF Most Wanted

How to use Cheat Trainer NSF Most Wanted :

  1. Extract Cheat from the zip ferst.
  2. Enter Password :
  3. Open Trainer -> right click on the trainer (for display hotkey cheat).
  4. Go to Need For Speed Most Wanted.
  5. Use cheat at play the game.

Descriptions of the function keys :

  • F1 key is used for NOS can not depleted / Infinity
  • F2 key is used for Speedbreake can not depleted
  • If the cheat does not work, press and hold the hotkey again, cheat can be used again (test by me).

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