Ninja Saga Hack All In One Shop Anniversary 3rd

By | July 24, 2012
Ninja Saga 3rd+Anniversary+TORI+InfoGame

(New) Ninja Saga Hack Anniversary 3rd + Hack All In One Shop.

  1. Auto-Pilot Features [all permanent]:
    • All TP Mission Instant: 50 TP per Day
    • Instant Complete Daily Task
    • Instant Chunin Exams
    • Instant Jounin Exams
    • Instant Specail Jounin Exams
  2. Special Features :
    • Recruit NPCs [free]
    • Emblem+2000 Tokens
    • All Achievements Complete
    • Clain 3rd Anniversary Rewards
    • Claim 3rd Anniversary Point Rewards
    • Claim 3rd Anniversary Clothes
  3. Other Features [temporary]:
    • HP Hack
    • CP Hack
    • Critical Hack
    • Damage Hack
    • Agility & Dodge Hack



  1. Open Facebook
  2. Open Fiddler2
  3. In Fiddler2 click autoresponder tab then tick:
    • Enable autoresponse
    • Unmatched requests passthrough
  4. Drag all swf files in column autoresponse
  5. Now click clear your browser’s cache:
    For Google Chrome:
    • Go to options
    • Under the hood
    • Clear browsing data
    • Tick cache and untick others (history etc)
    • Clear browsing data

    For Mozillia:

    • Go to tools
    • Clear private data/recent history
    • Tick cache and untick others (history etc)
    • Click clear now

    Note: Set the clear cache time range to atleast 1 day !!!

  6. Open Ninja Saga
  7. Now go to Shop
  8. Enjoy this hack

2 thoughts on “Ninja Saga Hack All In One Shop Anniversary 3rd

  1. Anonymous

    special feature nya ga permanent gan
    tolong pencerahan 🙁


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