Soul Crash Weapon Hack

By | April 23, 2012

This continued from the previous Hack Soul Crash. In the previous tutorial about Hack Soul Crash i’ve explained how to hack Soul Crash, this is: Soul Crash Energy Hack and Soul Crash Item Hack Permanent With Charles.
While this tutorial, i will explain how to Hack Soul Crash Weapon Equpment. In a previous hack the equipment used is Charles Proxy and Ceat Engine, this time the equipment is being used is Fiddler2.

Soul Crash Weapon Hack

Soul Crash Weapons/ Equipments Cheat. Will give you Onyx Dragon sword +999999 and Onyx Dragon Set.
Tools Requirement:


  1. Download the Cheat File above
  2. Open Fiddler2
  3. Go to AutoResponder, check 2 boxes: Enable automatic responses and Unmatched request passthrough
  4. Extract the Cheat File and Drag the two files from the Zip file into the white space under the auto   responder settings.
  5. Start your web browser and Clear your cache
  6. Go to Soul Crash.
  7. The Cheat should now be working, before you can visually see your energy  cheat, you must fight a battle.

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