Soul Crash Energy Hack

By | April 23, 2012

In previous articles about the Soul Crash, i’ve shown how to Hack Soul Crash Permanent Item. To day i will show how to Hack Soul Crash: Energies.

Soul Crash Energy, Level and Cash Hack

How to hack Soul Crash Energies:
Tools Requirements:

When you do this cheat there is a possible chance you may crash and end up with   negative with the energy cheat. Meaning you would have to wait untill you   reach 6 energy before you can even use it again.
If you can’t understand the instructions below this trick is not for you.
The steps that you should do:
  1. Open Cheat Engine,  Process Firefox ( plugin-container.exe ), if you use google   chrome select ( chrome.exe after rundll32 )
  2. Type in your current energy in the value (You must have at least 9 Energy)
  3. Press Scan
  4. Play Soul Crash and Battle
  5. Type in your new energy number and Press next scan
  6. Battle
  7. Type in your new energy number again
  8. There should only be one left in the address box
  9. Double click it and it should be in the box at the bottom
  10. Click the box under active to freeze it
  11. Every time you battle it will decrease by 3 but it will still allow you to   battle no matter what and it will save.

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