Ninja Saga Hack Recruit a Friend Level is Higher with CE

By | April 25, 2012

This Hack is a function to:

  • You can recruit friends on Higher Level than yours (very useful in exams and bosses)
  • You can buy Healing Scrolls and Clothes in Shop that are on a higher level (Note: NOT WEAPONS or you will get error)
  • Not Permanet Hack
Ninja Saga Hack Recruit a Friend Level is Higher with CE

Tools Requrement:


  1. Open CE
  2. Select your browser from the process list
  3. Scan your Gold (If you get more than one values then go to shop -> buy or sell anything -> goto CE -> write your new gold value & Next Scan)
  4. Double Click on the address to enter it in the editing box
  5. Now Right Click on the address:
    • Change Address -> Add +4-20 at the end of the address (e.g if the address is XXXXXXXX then change it to XXXXXXXX+4-20)
  6. Now the value of the address will change into the value of your current level:
    • Change the value to 80
  7. Now:
    • Go to Recruit Friends to recruit level 80 friends
    • Go to Shop to buy level 80 healing scrolls or any clothings

NOTE: The healing scrolls & clothings will even work in PVP (even when your character level is lower than the healing scroll requirements) – that means you wont get error when you equip the clothing or use the scroll

NOTE: Dont go to hunting house will level hack set to level 80 otherwise you will get strong level 80 Bosses!

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