Tetris Battle Rank Hack Update

By | March 4, 2012

Tetris Battle Rank Hack Update, get this hack for free and and this cheat is 100% work. Function of Tetris Battle Rank Hack is to make we can get the highest rank in this Tetris Battle game without much effort. So, we can easily and more enjoy when playing Tetris Battle game if we use Tetris Battle Rank Hack Update.

Tetris Battle has a great match-making system that always ensures you’re playing against similarly skilled opponents. You’ll move up the ranks as you win matches, but you’ll also move down after successive losses. And if you start man-handling your opponents, the game will actually suggest you move up to the next skill level. This ensures that you’re rarely severely outmatched, which creates a much more enjoyable experience overall. There are also, of course, leaderboards so that you can compare scores and ranking with friends and other players.

You’ll also earn experience and cash, much like in most games on Facebook, but there doesn’t seem to be much reason to do so at this point. The benefits to moving up in experience level appear non-existent. Money, meanwhile, can be used to by decorations like different colored/designed blocks, as well as to purchase specific upgrades. It also looks like there will be some sort of avatar component added in the future, but it wasn’t implemented as of this writing.

1. Charles Web Debugging Proxy ( Download Here )
2. Browser Firefox/Chrome

1. Click to play Tetris Battle [play ]
2. Open Charles.
3. Enter 2p.
4. Exit 2p.
5. Go to charles and you will see the 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**
6. Expand it.
7. Set Breakpoints to the first Default.
8. Enter 2p(the Breakpoint tab will appear when you enter 2p)
9. Click Execute
10. Click Edit Response tab and text tab (at the bottom)
11. Change the (your rank) to 99 and the (you current stars) to 10.
12. Click execute.
13. Remove the breakpoints to the default.(if a breakpoint tab will appear just click Execute)
14. Go to Tetris and play 1 game to save your rank.

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