Ninja Saga Waepon Hack “Damage 19950”

Ninja Saga Weapon Hack “Damage 19950”

You can get weapon that has 19950 dmages, with steps and tools as below:
Tools are requered:

  1. swf Ninja Saga Weapon Hack: DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Fiddler2: DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
Ninja Saga Waepon Hack


  1. Login to Ninja Saga
  2. Then Equip Kunai
  3. Open Fiddler2
  4. Drag and Drop swf Ninja Saga Weapon Hack in Fiddler2.
  5. Clear Browsing data and Chace
  6. Reload Ninja Saga
  7. DOne

This Hack is not Permanent


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