Ninja Saga Cheat How To Get Free Emblem

By | January 27, 2012

Ninja Saga Cheat How To Get Free Emblem



  1. Step 1. Open Hotspot shield..
  2. Step 2: Open Hot Spot Shield..
  3. Step 3: Go here
  4. Step 4: Create an account with your location as America, find a postal code in google, eg: 30303 ( georgia )
  5. Step 5: Play Games and watch videos and do surveys till you reach 2150 swag bucks
  6. Step 6: Purchase a 20$ UGC
  7. Step 7: Go to Ninja Saga main site, (not through facebook)
  8. Step 8: Press Buy Saga Tokens
  9. Step 9: There is an option called More Payement Options Press that
  10. Step 10: choose Ultimate Game Card as Option and then add the UGC number you get

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